Better Together!

After years of writing for various organizations, today I decided to create my very own blog. But what’s a blog without an amazing name?! That’s where the living room floor of my in-laws became the foundation for brainstorming. With the Padres barely winning in the background, Tammy & I threw around various overly cheesy possibilities, and of course my husband threw in a few sexual innuendos. I wanted something creative and fun, but that accurately portrayed my life–my newly married life to be exact!

My wonderful husband, Steven, and I tied the knot on May 23, 2010 after nearly four years of dating (see the proposal here). We are both very active, very close with family, and are very much in love with Jesus! We spend our free time surfing and enjoying the outdoors, and of course spoiling our ‘kids’ (our 2 bengal kittens, Donovan & Penelope). Steven loves sports. He’s excelled in football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, skating, surfing… pretty much everything but soccer! He is also an avid debater in all things religion, politics, and/or economics. As for me, I love creativity, photography, animals, writing, helping, leading, and communicating. Steven is outgoing and can make anyone laugh, but I’m a little more reserved. Steven goes with the flow and I love structure. We really do strike a perfect balance! He makes me laugh and I help him stay focused. We have our differences, but the things we have in common have created an unbreakable bond… we both value a healthy and active lifestyle, cherish family, actively pursue our education, have a passion for people, and are completely surrendered to Jesus Christ.

So, getting back to the point, I wanted a blog name that portrayed my life. More specifically, I was looking for something that defined my relationship with my best friend and husband. While sitting there watching the Padre game and listening to Fantasy Football strategy talk between Steven and his dad, I realized that I still hadn’t taken our beautiful orchid plant to our new place (left for fear of the kittens making it a play toy). The orchid plant was a Valentine’s gift from Steven that I absolutely adore and can’t wait to bring home! At that moment it hit me… the perfect blog name.  Introducing “Flowers and Football,” the story of two young people balancing life & love.


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  1. Tammy Schleicher

    I am so sorry there is not more flowers on your orchid plant. I don’t know what I did to it. I love the way you write!

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