Lighting the Way

It’s amazing how often I dream of traveling around the world to see the unexpected and experience life without worrying about money or committments. Going back to paradise, exploring Europe and Africa… But then I remember all the blessings that surround us and how beautiful the place we call ‘home’ really is. People think it’s funny when Steven or I say that if we could live anywhwere, it would be right where we are in Sunny San Diego, but it’s true.  As much as we’d love to travel freely, there are just so many amazing things to do and places to investigate before we whine about boredom. We love, love, love it here! I mean where else can you surf in the morning, hike in the afternoon, and snowboard in the evening all in one day? Not that we have…yet.  Anyway, the reason I’m bringing all of this up is because of my most recent ‘field trip’ down to the Point Loma Lighthouse–absolutely stunning!!!Point Loma LighthouseAfter climbing the incredible spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse tower, we enjoyed breathtaking views of the San Diego Bay as we walked along the edge of the cliffs. I seriously cannot believe that I’ve lived in southern California my entire life and have never been here before. It just made me think about my desire to travel–while any opportunity to see the rest of the world will be jumped on, this little excursion reminded me that until I’ve seen every inch of the place I call home, I shouldn’t complain.

We are so blessed to live in safe, beautiful environment that we can freely explore and I never want to take it for granted. I had this feeling, err push, to take full advantage of the freedom we have to live a vibrant, fruitful life at our next stop just around the corner. Fort Roscrans National CemeterySitting above the vast Pacific Ocean, Point Loma’s Fort Roscrans National Cemetery is one of the most serene places I’ve ever been. It’s a place where thousands of brave soldiers and their family members lay to rest, and nowhere else have I have been so proud to be an American.


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