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Blessings, Trials, and New Perspectives

I know I haven’t kept up with regular updates lately, but the past two months have been nothing short of crazy! Some good and some bad, but everything Steven and I have experienced has truly humbled us and given us a better perspective on life.

In October my internship at a prominent internet marketing company transitioned into a full-time job. My first career-oriented job to be exact! The blessings seemed to just pour all around as our life came together. We were finally settled into being married, careers were taking off, and God was at the center of it all. I absolutely love my job—the work is challenging, the people are amazing, the future is bright, and the location unbeatable!

Towards the end of October, Steven and I started to talk more seriously about investing into our first home. We have both been very responsible and future-oriented with our finances, and always knew that the 4 years of being together before getting married was the perfect time to prepare for buying our first home together. So on Halloween night, after a lot of prayer and careful consideration for weeks, we gathered all the paperwork and signed the papers to get pre-approved for a home loan. I can’t tell you how excited we were!!!

The next three to four weeks were completely consumed with house hunting. Constantly talking with our (amazing) real estate agent, viewing houses, and dreaming of where we would end up. Our initial goal was to find a nice little 2 bedroom condo or townhome in the 92056 area. We were hoping to simply invest into something in the $150-180k range that needed a little work, fix it up, and resell once the market picked up and we were ready for a bigger place. At the time there were a lot of options on the market, but they quite literally vanished within hours of finding. Cash buyers swoop in and grab everything up. It was okay in our minds though, as like most home shoppers we started raising the bar… and the budget. Before we knew it our budget went from the $150k range to just below $300k!!! It was just soo easy to justify spending more. The difference in what you could purchase in the $250k ranges compared to $300k was unbelievable! It just didn’t make sense to settle on a house when we could wait a little longer and be able to afford a home with everything we want. But soon enough none of this mattered. Continue reading



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Better Together!

After years of writing for various organizations, today I decided to create my very own blog. But what’s a blog without an amazing name?! That’s where the living room floor of my in-laws became the foundation for brainstorming. With the Padres barely winning in the background, Tammy & I threw around various overly cheesy possibilities, and of course my husband threw in a few sexual innuendos. I wanted something creative and fun, but that accurately portrayed my life–my newly married life to be exact!

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