The Proposal

Hello everyone! We want to thank you for all of your love & support of our upcoming marriage. We are soo excited! For those of you who haven’t already heard, Steven proposed on Tuesday, May 26, 2009. Tuesdays have been a special day for us, a sort of “us-time” that allows us to grow and strengthen our friendship and love for eachother w ithout any distractions.

There really couldn’t have been a more perfect day for Steven to propose. During an amazing time surfing at the O’side pier early in the mor ning with our good friend Cory, Sheena experienced her first barrel.  Sheena & Steven spent the rest of their sunny summer day with swimming and a poolside lunch.

To add to the day’s perfection, Sheena later took a nap while Steven made plans with his mom. When she awoke, Tammy told Sheena & Ste ven that she had a family’s photo-shoot at the beach at sunset and asked if they wanted to go to the beach with her to look for seashells. Agreeing to meet Tammy there, they first ran some errands and then headed to the beach… just like any other day, or so Sheena thought!

Prepared for a fun time at the beach, Sheena & Steven walked up with a Frisbee around Steven’s neck and towels around Sheena’s, but realized that Tammy had not yet begun shooting. Sheena asked where the family was that she was supposed to take photos of and was told they were just running late. After agreeing they should all just hang out and look for seashells while they w aited—Sheena, Steven, Tammy, Rick, & Bree all went down by the water and began looking for shells.

While Sheena scanned the shore for shells, Tammy directed her attention by walking over to the jetty. With Steven trailing just behind her, She ena was quickly drawn to a bright white object tucked between the jetty rocks. Her excitement grew as she realized what she had found—a perfect, giant, white sand-dollar. Reaching for it with shear amazement, she hesitated for a moment as Tamm y took her photo. Sheena then realized that Tammy must have been playing a trick on her and Steven by hiding such a perfect sand-dollar knowing we would find it. Sheena, thinking Tammy was just trying to trick them, continued to reach for the sand-dollar and picked it up.

"Will You Marry Me Sheena?"

Admiring the sand-dollar’s perfection, Sheena looked at the top of it before flipping it over. When she did, Sheena began reading somethi ng written on the back of it. Confused by thinking she found someone else’s hidden sand-dollar, Sheena’s excitement, shock, and happiness overwhelmed her as she realized the message was for her. It read, “Will you marry me Sheena?”                                                                                  Looking back and forth with trembles running through her body, she turned around to find Steven down on one knee holding a small box with a rin g in it. Before even looking at the ring, Sheena hugged and kissed Steven—saying “Yes” as he stood and embraced her. Completely overwhelmed with joy, Sheena began crying as Steven whispered, “I love you.” Steven then go t back down on one knee, told Sheena how much and why he loves her and slid the ring on her finger.


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